Collection: Propaganda

An early arrival on the vaping scene, Propaganda has managed to stay at the front of the pack with great flavors and myriad options. You can also enjoy these strong flavors in a disposable vape pen as well. 

Propaganda's salts and regular vape juices are both stacked with character and bold notes. While the names of most of their products are self-explanatory, a few have more cryptic names. 


Blue Frost: Formerly blue slushee, this is the classic blue razz flavor that so many adult vapers swear by.  

Cool Blue Frost: A blue raspberry ice flavor that works great as both nic salt and high-VG juice. 

Illuminati: Blood orange, pineapple and other tropical fruits. 

Strawberries A La Mode: A classic strawberry and cream inspired vape juice with hints of vanilla ice cream. 

Juicy Grape: A Concord grape inspired vape juice with tart notes. 

Subliminal: Sour raspberry belts confection style flavor profile. 

America: Nostalgic popsicle infused flavors of cherry, limes, and blue raspberries. 

Pink and Blue: Sweet carnival spun sugar with blue razz and strawberry notes.  

Wild Fire: Smooth tobacco with hints of almond and chocolate. 

Sour Apple Dust: Inspired by the sour green apple powdered confection and white dip stick treat from summers past. 


MOQ & Minimum Retail Pricing:  

  • Disposable Device - $7.99
  • 30ml SALT - $17.99
  • 60ml Bottles -  $17.99
  • 100ml Bottles - $21.99
  • No MOQ