Collection: I Love Salts by Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter is a respected manufacturer of high quality vape juices. They existed before the introduction of nic salts to the market and fully understand the importance of flavor, throat hit and vapor production. They have products crafted for both mouth to lung (MTL) and direct lung (DL) vaping. 

I Love Salts E-Liquids

I Love Salts by Mad Hatter are a complete collection of nic salt flavors. They were launched as an alternative to expensive convenience store vape pods like MyBlu, Juul and Vuse Alto. Using the same style of salt nicotine, the simple act of squeezing a bottled nic salt into an affordable vape pod starter kit can save money immediately.

When you consider a Juul pod holds but 0.7ml of nic salts versus 30ml in a bottle of I Love Salts, a customer could literally throw away their refillable pod kit after every bottle and still end up ahead. 

The quality of the I Love Salts flavors and the comprehensive nature of there lineup means that most nic salt vapers will find a perfect fit in their lineup. Factoring in that prefilled c-store pods are now only available in tobacco flavors, switching to a refillable device is a no-brainer. 

I Love Salts Disposable Vape

I Love Salts wholesalers are in a unique situation. Bottled I Love Salts are perfect alternative to a disposable vape. Disposable vapes are extremely popular as they deliver nic salt satisfaction, great flavor, are longer lasting than ever and require next to no inputs from the user. They are draw activated, as are many vape pod starter kits, and at most  the largest models require an occasional charge. 


 The I Love Salts Disposable Vape Pen uses a mesh coil to deliver outstanding flavor. It is a simple model that holds 5.5ml of nic salts and does not require charging. A nearly full line-up of I Love Salts flavors can be found in this sleek disposable. The 50mg nic strength and 2200 puff count make it ideal for adult vapers on the go.