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Holy Cannoli ELiquids

Holy Cannoli Eliquid and Holy Cannoli Salts feature incredible flavors from Holy Cannoli like Blueberry Strudel, French Toast, Fruity Pebbled, Glazed Donut, Lemon Custard and Strawberry Cream. The original version demonstrated the high-art of breakfast themed mod fuel, with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. It was ideal for vape mod and tank set-ups with sub-ohm mods. 

Holy Cannoli Salts

Holy Cannoli Salts are sold in 30ml salt in 35mg and 50mg nicotine strengths. The great Holy Cannoli flavors work just as well as salt nic juices as classic mod fuel juices, which can also be enjoyed in a vape pod with lower resistance coils, are sold in 100ml bottles. 

Holy Cannoli is more than just a clever name. These dessert and breakfast infused vape juices have been intricately formulated so as to impress with boldness without overwhelming your tastebuds. 

Lemon Custard Salt

A tart and authentic lemon custard flavored nic salt, with an appropriate level of creaminess and sweetness to offset the lemony tang. 

Strawberry Cream Salt

A perfectly executed nic salt version of the famous Strawberry Cream Cannoli flagship flavor of Holy Cannoli. 


Holy Cannoli Flavors

Holy Cannoli flavor profiles are legendary. The names are give a hint of the satisfaction and flavor contained in every bottle. But adult vapers will find the biggest feature is that the master formulators at Holy Cannoli have turned morning classics into all-day vapes. 

Strawberry Cream Cannoli

Creamy strawberry filling loaded into a crispy cannoli and topped with confectioners sugar. Strawberries and cream is a classic vaping flavor. The additional flavor elements added by Holy Cannoli only enhance this classic. This is the flagship. 

Blueberry Strudel

A jammy blueberry base is enhanced with notes that taste remarkably similar to a flaky golden pastry. The butter and creamy notes add warmth, which the tart blueberry manages to cut through. The result is a dessert vaper's dream. 

French Toast

French Toast is a well-known breakfast flavor. The maple, golden toast smooth buttery flavors and almost custardy dipped bread notes are all here in this amazing vape juice. 

Fruit Cereal

Formerly named Fruit Pebbled, Fruit Cereal retains the smooth cannoli base flavor but adds in bursts of crunchy, fruity cereal flavors. 

Fruit Pebbled

Now known as Fruit Cereal, this is a fruit cereal infused cannoli flavor. 

Apple Bread Pudding

A very precise formulation of apple crisp bread pudding flavor. 

Southern Bread Pudding

The flavors of southern bread pudding are perfectly executed in this all-day vape. 


Holy Cannoli TFN Donut Series

What breakfast vape collection is complete without donuts. Delightful, sweet and perfectly basked donut flavors. 

Glazed Donut

Scrumptious cannoli flavors fused with glazed donut flavors. 

Blueberry Donut

Enjoy the smooth flavors of a blueberry custard donut in this Holy Cannoli classic. 

Strawberry Donut

Strawberry is a stalwart vape juice flavor and is even better when infused with the relaxing early morning flavor of a brown cake donut.


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