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Beard Vape Co. 

Beard Vape Co. offers an unbelievable assortment of legendary dessert, pastry and fruit inspired e-liquids. Find out why they remain one of the most respected names in the vaping industry, with widely copied but never equaled flavor profiles. Available as salts and high-VG juices.

Beard Vape Co. Flavors

The use of numbers as names can get a bit confusing with Beard Vape Co products. This can make it hard to know which products to stock up on or recommend. Here is a list of their legacy flavors. These are some great flavors. 

Beard Vape Company No. 00: Cappuccino Tobacco

Beard Vape Company No. 05: New York Cheesecake

Beard Vape Company No. 24: Salted Caramel Malt

Beard Vape Company No. 32: Cinnamon Funnel Cake

Beard Vape Company No. 42: Cold Fruit Cup. 

Beard Vape Company No. 71: Sweet and Sour Sugar Peach


The One Beard Vape Co. 

The name is The One but this fruit, cereal, donut, and milk infused breakfast flavor has expand to incorporate several unique variations. 

MOQ & Minimum Retail Pricing:  

  • 60ml Bottles - $16.99
  • 120ml Bottles - $25.00
  • No MOQ