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Leaf Buddi WuuKah Vaporizer Kit Limited Edition

Leaf Buddi WuuKah Vaporizer Kit Limited Edition

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Leaf Buddi WuuKah Vaporizer Limited Edition Kit

Central conduction heating, efficient and even.
Three types of conduction cups (Titanium, quartz& ceramic) are included in one kit, you can choose any kind from that according to your personal preferences and the specific concentrate oil you are using.
Unique glass structure design brings better water cycle inside, ensure water does not splash into the mouthpiece.
Precise and wide range temperature setting, bring you the best practical vaping experience.
3200 mAh powerful built-in battery to support longer vaping before charging again.
With big LED screen, easy to operate.
Type-c charging, faster and safer.


Glass attachment
Wuukah Base(Battery)
Ceramic Cup
Quartz Cup
Titanium Cup
Loading Tool & Cap*
Type-C USB charging cable
Cotton swabs (5)
Silicone Storage Container

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