WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

ASK THE EXPERT: Kristin Davey

February 14, 2020

ASK THE EXPERT: Kristin Davey

At eJuices.co, your business and its success is our priority. While we offer many eJuice and hardware brands to our wholesale customers, we also provide technological solutions like PoweredBy and eJuices.co Direct. Whether you’re a brick and mortar shop or operate an e-commerce shop, eJuices.co is here to help. Today, we sat down with client account manager Kristin Davey, who informed us of the various ways your shop can use PoweredBy or eJuices.co Direct to boost your business.

How do Powered By and eJuices.co Direct contribute to customer satisfaction and the generation of incremental revenue for vape shops?

Powered ByeJuices.com and eJuices.co Direct contribute to customer satisfaction and generation of incremental revenue for vape shops by giving the customer the countless choices when choosing their next all day vape. By offering a large selection, the customers are able to almost always pick up what they are looking for without having to either shop on another website or drive to another vape shop. We offer free shipping to most domestic locations so with this in mind, customers have the satisfaction of knowing they aren’t paying more than they might by either shopping on a different website or a different brick and mortar location. 


Who is the best candidate for Powered By and eJuices.co Direct?

The best candidate for Powered ByeJuices.com is someone who currently owns a website and is looking to widen their product offerings without wanting to take on the risk of purchasing products that might not sell well for them. Another great candidate is someone who is looking to open a website and may not have the capital to purchase inventory. eJuices.co Direct candidates are simply anyone who owns a vape shop! If a customer comes in looking for something you might not carry or are currently out of stock of you're able to offer them free shipping for the product they are looking for right to their door (or to your vape shop if you prefer). 


Can you give an example of a success story of a shop that used either Powered By or eJuices.co Direct?

The list of success stories for Powered ByeJuices.com andeJuices.co Direct is long. While I’m not allowed to name names for client confidentiality reasons, you can imagine, when a retailer has access to thousands upon thousands of products without having to put up the capital for the inventory, it’s hard not to be successful. With the right retailer, who is dedicated and determined to make their business a success,Powered By eJuices.com or eJuices.co Direct will only add value without the risk. 


What tips do you have for the successful implementation and integration of these solutions?

Successful implementation and integration for Powered By eJuices.com include having a Shopify website in the first place. It also includes marketing your website. If customers do not know your website exists, it’s hard to gain sales and traffic. I suggest working with an SEO specialist that can help your website rank online. This is one of the most important tips I can provide. For eJuices.co Direct, a tip I can suggest would include making sure your customers are aware this is provided to them and making sure your employees are offering this to your customers as well. It’s easy to let a customer walk out the door if you don’t sell what they are looking for, but take that extra step and search through eJuices.co Direct to see if you are able to gain that customer’s business before they head over to the next vape shop down the road. 

That’s all we have for our Ask The Expert segment! If you’re interested in using PoweredBy or eJuices.co Direct, or have any general questions or concerns, you can always contact your eJuices.co account manager or sales representative.


WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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