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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Our Inventory, Your Sale

Are you experiencing a loss of business because you don’t have an item your customer wants? Do you ever wish you could carry every brand? Tired of investing in brands and flavors that simply don’t sell? Do you want to make more money? eJuices.co offers a variety of services that are sure to check all these boxes. You can gain access to your own virtual warehouse of all the best selling brands. eJuice, hardware, coils, accessories and closed systems. We have it all and you could too.

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eJuices.co>Direct will increase your in-store sales by becoming your virtual warehouse. With access to 2400 brands at zero inventory cost, you’ll never turn a customer away again.

Great, So how does it work?

We are glad you asked! No setup fees, no monthly fees and no commitment.

When a customer asks for a specific product that you might be currently out of or don’t normally stock, it’s easy for them to leave and go somewhere else, right? Well we’ve thought about this, and created a way for thousands of products to be right at your fingertips.

You will simply place an order for your customer (or they can do it themselves in “customer mode”) on our website that is branded with your logo. We will receive that order and ship it out to the location of your choice.

Sounds pretty good right? Well even better, we will be depositing a commission into your bank account three times a month for any sales you make.

Follow these three steps to get started:

  1. Request an Invitation - Once we receive your request, we will go through your account info and start the enrollment process
  2. Set up Your Account - Once approved, someone from our team will send you a link where you can access your storefront. You’ll be able to upload your logo and make customizations so your customers will never know the difference.
  3. Start Placing Orders - After setting up all your account information, you’re free to start browsing through eJuices.co>Direct and begin placing orders.

If you would like more information on eJuices.co>Direct, click here or contact us at direct@ejuices.co

Powered By eJuices.com

With Powered By eJuices.com, you have the ability to offer 2400 brands on the market by connecting your ecommerce store with ours via our 1-click integration for Shopify stores.

With no setup fees, no monthly fees and no commitment*, we know you’re ready learn more.

You will connect your store with ours via the Mothership Connect App in Shopify (Don’t worry if you don’t have Shopify, we can connect with you too!)

Once a customer places an order for a Powered By product on your website, you will be emailed an invoice that reflects your margin, once that invoice is paid, our team is automatically notified to ship the order directly to your customers mailbox.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Register Your Website - Once we receive your request, we will go through your account info and start the enrollment process.
  2. Integrate our Products - You’ll gain access to all our products via Mothership Connect where you are able to import them right into your store. Images, and descriptions included!
  3. Start Selling - Your customers will be able to begin placing orders for our products immediately so you can focus on the marketing while we take care of the fulfillment process.

We can’t wait to start working with you so head on over to Powered By eJuices.com to learn more about this service, or contact us at info@poweredbyejuices.com

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to email us at: services@ejuices.co

*While eJuices.co does not charge any set up or participation fees to utilize PoweredByeJuices.com, you will be responsible for any and all other fees required as a result of running a vape website, including age verification costs.

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