Horizon Arctic V8 V1 Coils (5-pack)

Horizon Arctic V8 V1 Coils (5-pack)

What's Included:

5 x Arctic V8 Tank Series Coils

Specs & Features:

V Coil Structure

V8 - Eight Coil Vertical Octuplet

0.2 ohms at 60 - 130W

V4 - Quad Coil Clapton

0.2 ohms at 60 - 150W (included with Tank

0.5 ohms at 60 - 140W

V2 - Vertical Dual Coil

0.2 ohms at 50 - 80W

0.5 ohms at 40 - 60W (included with Tank

V1 - Single Coil Stainless Steel

0.2 ohms at 50 - 70W

0.5 ohms at 40 - 60W

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